Tulip Farm

It’s been a while since we’ve gone anywhere but here we are! We happened to find something that was open and we hadn’t experienced together. So it was a breathtaking view that felt like you were walking in a 200 piece puzzle.

So as many people were allowed in a car could accompany as long as you had a reservation. The drive was rather historic and I hope to adventure there at some point in the future. Along with the Tulips there were tents with sellers and carnival rides for kids. There was also a shop that sold all kinds of local products (including tulips).

So the way the farm works was about using the fields wisely. Every year once all the tulips were done blooming they would dig up the bulbs and replant them in another field on the acres of land they owned. So the tulips were in a different location and the colors were in a different pattern than they were the year before.

Luna particularly like the red and pink and I, Star, the purples (no surprise there). Unfortunately my favorite combo was dying out so I suppose I will need to come back next year to catch them in full bloom. I may also return for the organic honey! Allergy season is upon us in Portland and this honey is the cure all to allergy woes haha.

See you for the next adventure!~