Korean BBQ for beginners

You know, KBBQ restaurants are open! They space out the parties and some are loose with their hours for closing. If you’re lucky, you can have the whole restaurant to yourself! Just make sure you trust the person passing the dishes 😉

We be bloggin'

Hey y’all, it’s Star! Here to explain what it’s like to order Korean BBQ.

I’ll start by explaining that Luna and I are avid foodies. Mostly down for anything, especially at reasonable prices. Korean BBQ was always a well off dream (mostly because we were broke jobless teenagers with no allowances). In the end we ended up living the dream and with the right group of people we had the greatest Korean BBQ experience.

We were lucky to discover some of our weeb circles were actually all current or past employees of K-town, one of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Portland. Now, everytime there is a reason to celebrate we go to K-Town. To this day I still get intimidated by the menu and the prices but here’s how you manage that panic.

Paying per person

  • At K-town it’s anywhere from $21.99-$31.99 depending on the time of day and…

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