Meeting Miyavi on the No Sleep Till Tokyo Tour

Just reminiscing about the good ole days where we could see artists perform live. Portland was just beginning to be a new, must visit stop for Japanese artists. It’s been a year since we’ve seen Miyavi but there have been a lot of virtual concerts and releases and some really amazing music videos that are coming out Japanese as well as Korean artists so keep an eye out and enjoy the releases!

We be bloggin'

I’m not gonna lie to you, it was quick. But we will never forget it.

So this was the second time seeing Miyavi but the first time actually meeting him. We shook his hand and took many photos.

Apparently, my voice got really high and I couldn’t stop shaking. I had to put a hand on my cheek just to stop shaking. Anyways he was super polite and I couldn’t get over it.

Back story on our history with Miyavi, Luna is 10 years into being a fan for life and I, Star, is 15 years fan for life. Our love for Miyavi goes back before we became friends. We were very young when he did his first tour. In fact, he shared a story about when he was our age at 25 years old, he was learning english for that first american tour. He was so nervous and he…

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