Apple Picking at Douglas Farms

It’s that time of the year again… But it’s too dangerous to breathe the air so that will be out this year. I really hope that the farms out there stay afloat. And maybe if we’re lucky we can head out there for squash season.

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Hey Readers,

This honestly was the best way to celebrate the beginning of Autumn. Neither one of us had ever gone picking (of any kind) before, so being fully immersed in row upon row of golden, red delicious, and criterion apples was very whimsical.

Getting to the farm was hilarious, being that we took one exit too far and ended up at an unkept Apple orchard. Which was waaaaaay different than manicured farms. Not only was it smaller but nearly all the apples had worm holes. We were lucky to have found some pears though haha.

When we arrived at the right location there was a booth for buying and weighing your produce. We got ourselves a box to share and were briefed on the produce in season, which were not just apples. Peppers, some berries, and squash were ready for harvest as well. A little shuttle bus took us…

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