Affinity Groups in the Workplace for Black, Brown or Ingenious People

It’s been a topic in my workplace recently about making Affinity Groups in our online workplace (microsoft office teams) to create a space in which staff members who have questions about what is offensive or insensitive towards Black, Brown, or Ingenious staff. That’s great and all, but where do I fit?

As a POC (person of color) who has grown up in a culture that is not primarily Black but Asian Pacific Islander, I found myself torn between choosing to side with my Black heritage making it more important than all other ethnicities that I am. Have you ever asked yourself, Are you a girl or boy first before you are rich or poor? Essentially it’s like asking what I define myself as and then having no actual choice. My skin is dark thus I am black first. To me, this is an old way of thinking.

I would never disown that I am black but I would never say that being black means more to me than any of the other ethnicities that I am. Speaking honestly, I consider myself to be a nerd before I am anything else. Because I define myself as a nerdy, mixed, non-binary, demisexual, panromantic, making me choose was like putting me in a box that people only judge from the outside.

I know my opinion is unpopular, but the complexities of mixed identities is part of this movement too. Although we are small we are still a voice.


Star from YCK