Star’s Confessions– Got into webtoons again

With Lore Olympus back from hiatus it’s time to share the when the pandemic hit the hardest and our State was on mandatory quarantine for weeks… the addiction on #webtoons became unbearable…

We be bloggin'

I, Star, wanna start by saying that I was into indie comics in high school and had to put a cap on it because I would binge read everything. Sacrificing countless hours of sleep just to read. SO I dedicated one day every 3 months to catch up.  As the years went by and more and more of the comics ended I stopped reading them altogether. Until, now.

Let’s just say I have a problem.

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It’s getting crazy. I caught up with Lore Olympus in 2 days. I’m going to say that it was a good 8 hours to get through 95 chapters. (Those are 8 hours I could have been sleeping but I won’t take it back.)

I absolutely love indie comics, because they are fresh and in a way, so intimate. (It’s such a hipster thing to say.) But I enjoy when the art is in a style…

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