Black Lives Matter in Cosplay

Our stand on the #BlackLivesMatterMovement but with a cosplaying lens.

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Hey everyone! It’s time we explain what Black Lives Matter means in terms of the cosplay community! Although the movement is based around injustice and equality, we also face cyberbullying in our Black Cosplay community as well as other minority communities.

So I’ll be addressing issues and discussions that have been floating around the cosplay community and explaining why these are also a part of the BLM movement. And remember everyone, this is a safe space and we at the Y0uc4n7kn0w blog, stand in solidarity with the movement and those that fight for justice. We would like to inform those who are unaware of the inequality that minority as well as Black Cosplayers face online and in-person by showing these issues through the cosplay community lens.

Cosplay is for everyone

Black cosplayers have been ridiculed for not wearing cosplays that match their skin tone. Often times, comment sections will fill…

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