Food Adventures: Soro Soro Coffee & Dessert

*cue cuteness overload*

So the weekend after Valentine’s, we decided to try out a cafe that I’d had my eye on for a while. It has just opened up on Burnside a few months ago, and it wasn’t terribly flashy or noticeable on the outside. But it was supposed to be a super cute cafe with super cute food and was called “Soro Soro Coffee & Tea”.

Upon entering the cafe we were greeted by a space that, while still small, was bigger in the inside than it was on the outside. It had a pleasant vibe to it—wide windows in the front and white walls. You stepped in and the first thing you saw was the counter where they take your order and the extremely adorable food in their display cases. On the wall they had a listing of the drinks they offered, though upon getting to the register you’d find even more options. From hazelnut and fruit flavored coffees to affogato’s, to matcha and hojicha tea—the menu might’ve looked a tad small but there was more than enough.

The desserts were also plentiful. There was a copious amount of cheesecake and tiramisu to simple pound cake options. And everything looked almost too good to eat. They had gluten free cheesecake that looked like gudetama, regular cheesecake shaped like a cat, rainbow cake slices, coffee cakes, Earl grey tiramisu where the cream was laid out on top like little clouds. They really went the extra mile while decorating all their goods. For a moment it was overwhelming, but they were patient with you as you ordered.

I got myself a Hojicha latte and chocolate cheesecake, and Star got a Caramel Macchiato and a blueberry pastry. The total came out to about $20 (including tip in this price). So it wasn’t a terrible deal for four items. After paying we were able to find a table right away despite how full the place was. Which, just to say, it was surprisingly full. From the outside it hadn’t looked too popping, but that bigger on the inside effect meant that there was a ton more people inside. While Star settled down at the table, a lovely set of cat paintings behind her, I went to go wait for our food at the pick-up counter.

As I waited I was able to admire all of the decorations—there were paper bears hanging from the spot I was standing in, and there were hidden Gigi’s (from Kiki’s Delivery Service) everywhere. A small water station was on the table and instead of paper cups they had solid plastic cups in a basket beside it. I watched a child in the back of the room pour coffee over their affogato that had a mountain of cotton candy on it and could only think of what a sugar rush that kid’s have later from the coffee and ice cream.

Our order took maybe 5 minutes before it was ready, and it came out on a wooden tray that I carefully balanced back to our table. The food and drinks next to each other honestly looked beautiful. My Hojicha latte had a bear face made of foam to match the bear face on my chocolate cheesecake. Star’s macchiato had the face of a cat instead and her pastry was set out on the tiniest little plate. Without further ado, we dug in (thanks for the food!).

It was good. It was very good. The Hojicha latte was delicious —just as good as the one I’d get downtown at Book of Tea Cafe. The cheesecake was good too. It wasn’t nearly as sweet as I’d assumed—which to be honest I preferred. It was like eating a tart chocolate cheesecake. Never too powerfully or in-your-face chocolate but creamy with the kiss of cacao. It was SO good. The only sad part is ruining the beautiful dedication the staff puts into making everything cute. Alas, we did. I also had a bite of Star’s pastry—we traded briefly to make sure we go to try both—and it was seriously like pound cake! It was the perfect amount of sweetness—which is to say the cake wasn’t actually all that sweet but there was definitely a hint of vanilla in the recipe. A small amount of hardened chocolate and blueberries sprinkled on top gave it a, for lack of a better word, sexy and delectable touch of sweet. But again, when I say sweet it wasn’t sweet like how ALL American desserts are. It wasn’t super sugary, but enough.

The shop itself somehow manages to defy the laws of time. It felt like we were in there for maybe a half-hour but it was really like two hours. And the funniest part? We were still eating at the hour and a half mark. Perhaps due to the concentrated flavors and density of the food, we worked on them slowly amidst chatting. Even when we left we had actually left bites of our food because we were too full—and these were small portions! The chill vibe and tiny but filling food makes time just fly by (and going with company you enjoy can do that too).

At the end of our tea time, we both felt a little overwhelmed by sweet and decided to have a glass of water before leaving. I returned to where they had a water station with lemon water in it, and grabbed our last set of adorable cups—plastic mugs with cute designs designated for water. After we finished our water cups, we bussed our own tables (like good customers—I say that because there was at least two tables who DIDN’T despite there being a bussing station).

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed our time at Soro Soro Coffee & Tea. I honestly think it is a nice place to sit and have coffee and pastries with a friend. 10/10 would definitely recommend for a nice cafe in NE Portland. I honestly can’t wait to go back and try some more of their sweets and some iced tea…

Til next time!