Yataimura Maru- A food review

We recently visited this lovely hole in the wall! Which is one out of four other Maru restaurants and locations. So Luna had visited this place a number of times but this was my, Star, first experience. The wait was semi-long because it was a holiday and we did not reserve, (I would suggest doing that, first and foremost for any particular special events).

So the food was averagely priced and we split it half and half paying at least $20 each. For okonomiyaki, takoyaki, agedashi tofu, and sake, I’d say that’s pretty good!

The Okonomiyaki was huge but really good. For those of you who don’t know, okonomiyaki is like a vegetable pancake with a sweet brown sauce on top, sometimes with seafood. In our case, it we had shrimp and fish flakes on top with a ginger garnish.

Takoyaki is a must-have! It’s pretty difficult sometimes because it’s Japanese street food, which most Americans are not equipped to make. But it’s a doughy ball that holds an octopus chowder inside. Usually garnished with fish flakes and that sweet brown sauce I mentioned above.

Agedashi tofu, is a breaded and fried tofu, that is sitting in miso broth with grated ginger or daikon and cut green onion. It’s in an incredibly simple dish but it’s the perfect comfort food for cold weather.

The sake we had was a cloudy peach Ginjo which was fun to drink before and after our dishes, (being that our dishes were a tad too rich and the sake was like a desert wine). It was sweet and fruity definitely good for conversation.

The Atmosphere was a chill evening setting. They play up the street food vibe by the interior. For a date or small groups the bar is probably the best seating, save the tables for the bigger groups or expect to wait longer. Our dishes arrived like courses which worked out for us, so don’t expect everything to come to you all at once if you’ve ordered several dishes.

This has been a fun adventure can’t wait to try the Don bowls or the Ramen next time!