NOLA Vacation

Wow, where to start. New Orleans was a ton of fun and honestly if it wasn’t for the swampy weather it wouldn’t be a bad place to move to! The best lyft drivers in the world and when they asked: “How are you today?” They really meant it. The place had so much history and everywhere was haunted haha. We recommend a walking tour to learn about the city place the tour guides have the hook-ups for any mischief you plan to get into. (Psssssst we met a Vampire!) But let’s get to it.

We went to Cafe du monde where we experienced fresh beignets, cafe au lait, and coffee with hickory. We also ate at Surrey’s Cafe to try Pain Perdu (New Orleans style french toast) and Boudin (creole style sausage). Not to mention, crawfish etouffee, gator meat, raw oysters, and blackened catfish po’boys on Bourbon street, a seafood boil on Magazine Street, and jambalaya, gumbo and BBQ on St. Charles.

We visited one of the oldest churches and was amazed by the cobblestone streets. Most of the properties are protected by the city which means the architecture is kept to its original state. We spent a lot of time in the French Quarter which was filled with music, food, drinking, and shopping. I feel like every place has a street that is a taste of the whole city and Burbon Street is it.

One of the oldest things in all New Orleans actually outdates the United States itself, it’s called the Tree of Life. It’s a giant Oak tree in one of the biggest parks in New Orleans. It’s also right next to a neighborhood and the zoo. If you’re looking for a good stroll you can take a break from all the craziness of Burbon street at Audubon Park.

Laplace was where we experienced the swamp. We saw a real swamp shack, many baby Alligators, turtles, raccoons, lizards, snakes. Oh, and many MANY graves. Looks like swamps are pretty haunted too. We found it pretty amusing how many common-sense signs there were. But most importantly, we met and held a baby alligator named George. She was only two years old. We vowed never to eat gator past George’s graduation into adulthood.

Overall it was a great trip! Just be ready to spend a whole lot of money on some really great food and two days in the airport. There aren’t a whole lot of connecting flights for cheap if you’re flying cross country but the trip is well worth the waiting around and stretching on airport floors.