St. Patrick’s day- A food review

Hey everyone! Welcome to our first blog on this account! (If you’re a weeb then you might know us on our home account Y0uc4n7kn0w.) But here, on Sincerely we’re all about writing and food. Which brings us to St. Patrick’s Day and the classics of Irish food.

Every year, we go to Kell’s annual St.Patty’s day festival! We go to listen to our favorite Irish bands live, eat traditional food, and drink Irish liquor and themed drinks. Here’s what we tried!

Shepard’s pie

Had a whipped potato and cheddar cheese like top, on a bed of savory ground beef, onions, carrots. All baked to a perfect golden color with gravy poured on top.

Corned Beef Pasty

This dish was like a pot pie. Although unlike typical pot pies it was not at all that shape. Infact it was more like a folded letter and the dough was thin yet crunchy. Inside was the beef, and it was compacted like the meat in a pot sticker.

Chicken Curry and fries

Much like the description it is fries served under hot chicken curry. Curry being a thicker stew, it was slightly tangy. Not sweet, like Japanese curry or spicy like Indian curry but tangy. The chicken was cut into an inch length pieces.

Irish Coffee

Black coffee served hot, with cream, sugar, and Jameson whiskey. (Or go hard core and substitute cream with Bailey’s Irish cream and a shot of Kahlua)

Irish Monk

Much like the Irish coffee this is also served hot. But instead of coffee, it’s cocoa and Jameson whiskey.

Irish Car Bomb

Last but not the least, the legendary Irish car bomb. Which is a pint of Guinness Stout and a shot of Bailey’s Irish cream that is dropped into the pint. The challenge is to drink it fast because the cream will curdle.

But on a day that’s all about the color green you might as well get creative right? Midori sours or Shamrock shakes are just as festive to drink on St.Patty’s day. These drinks make great pre-gaming specialties before the festivities.

Shamrock Shake

Is what call the alcoholic green milkshake. Made with vanilla ice cream, ice, Irish cream, and creme de menthe.

Midori sour

Like it’s name, it’s main ingredient is Midori mixed with lemonade. The more Midori the greener it is!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our rather late post on St.Patty’s day!

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